We have partnered with the Uber eats, Doordash and Easi for the online and app ordering for the delivery. You need to download their apps to start order and delivery. Please be noted that these companies will charge a higher menu price plus delivery fee. We do not have control over their charges.

If you order through one of this app, any issues with your order have to go through them. Again we have no control in these matters thank you for your understanding. 

Please Read

Please be noted that if you order through APPS like Uber Eats, Doordash and Easi any issues arises with your order. You have to contact them to sort things out. I repeat ANY ISSUES contact them to sort things out. We cannot resolve anything with the order. They have the absolute control and authority over your order.

We have NO CONTROL over any of your order issues. Any issues eg, Order never arrive, delivery take too long, wrong items, missing items …etc

Raise the issue with them, then they will contact us and sort things out. Rest assure that they will resolve your issue. Not that we are avoiding responsibility its because we have no power to resolve if you order through them (APPS). You paid them they hold the money and they have the ultimate say. We get paid by them.

If you order through our Website, phone or walk-in then we can resolve any issues that you may have.