You can order through this page and pay by credit cards then you can pick up from the shop. Again please be noted that we do not deliver you have to pick up the order yourself.

If want to be delivered please order through our partnered apps; Ubereats, Doordash, Menulog and Easi. Be warned that the items are priced differently and plus delivery fees.

#240 TÔM/MỰC/CÁ/ĐIỆP XÀO ỚT 辣椒炒蝦球/鮮魷/魚片/帶子
#238 TÔM/MỰC/CÁ/ĐIỆP XÀO RAU CẢI 時菜炒蝦球/鮮魷/魚片/帶子
#237 TÔM/MỰC/CÁ/ĐIỆP XÀO HỘT ĐIỀU 腰果炒蝦球/鮮魷/魚片/帶子
#236 TÔM/MỰC/CÁ/ĐIỆP XÀO SỐT X.O X.O醫爆蝦球/鮮魷/魚片/帶子