Hoa Tran Cafe Restaurant was opened on the 7th January 2001. The Restaurant serves traditional, authentic and contemporary Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. Hoa Tran Café Restaurant intentions are fresh, authentic, fine quality, friendly service, fast and value meals.

The “before” photo was taken on the 8th November 2000. This is the back of the shop facing the Buckingham car park. I called it “the pearl under the hay stack” because no one realised how valuable the shop was, to turn it into a restaurant, as it’s location and position is the central of the Springvale shopping centre.

The Springvale Road facing shop is currently taken by Vodafone.

Map showing how to get to the restaurant. From Springvale Rd left turn into Balmoral Ave then appro 40m left turn into the service laneway or from town square walk towards Better Value Pharmacy then left turn.

You can order through the Order Online page and pay by credit cards then you can pick up from the shop. Again please be noted that we do not deliver you have to pick up the order yourself.

If want to be delivered please order through our partnered apps; Ubereats, Doordash, Menulog and Easi. Be warned that the items are priced differently and plus delivery fees.